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Title: Allatoona Lake Water Supply Storage Reallocation Study and Updates to Weiss and Logan Martin Reservoirs Project Water Control Manuals : Final Feasibility Report and Integrated Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
Authors: Tetra Tech, Inc.
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Mobile District.
Keywords: Allatoona Lake (Ga.)
Environmental management
Environmental protection
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Mobile District.
Abstract: In October 2014, USACE published the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) addressing updates to the Master Water Control Manual (Master Manual) and individual project Water Control Manuals (WCMs) for USACE reservoir projects in the Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa (ACT) River Basin and Alabama Power Company (APC) reservoir projects in the basin with specific federally authorized project purposes for flood risk management and flow augmentation to support navigation in the Alabama River. The WCM updates included a basinwide drought management plan, specific criteria for flow augmentation to support commercial navigation, improved guidelines for minimum flows downstream of the Carters Reregulation Dam, revised guide curve and operational action zones at Allatoona Lake, and establishment of operational action zones at Carters Lake. USACE approved the updated Master Manual and project WCMs and signed a Record of Decision on the Final EIS in May 2015. USACE deferred consideration of two specific actions requiring further detailed study in the ACT River Basin WCM update process: (1) a pending request from the State of Georgia for USACE to reallocate multipurpose reservoir storage in Allatoona Lake to water supply to meet future demands in the region and to modify its reservoir storage accounting procedures; and (2) a request from APC to modify currently approved flood operations at their Weiss and Logan Martin reservoir projects, including a proposed increase in the winter guide curve elevation and a proposed decrease in the top of the flood storage pool elevation at both projects. This Final Feasibility Report and Integrated Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FR/SEIS) addresses these two deferred actions. USACE Mobile District evaluated multiple alternatives in considering Georgia’s water supply request and APC’s request to modify current flood operations at the Weiss and Logan Martin projects, both individually and in combination. Based upon legal, policy, economic, and environmental considerations, this Final FR/SEIS identifies the plan known as Alternative 11 as the Recommended Plan. That plan would address both Georgia’s water supply request at Allatoona Lake and APC’s request to modify flood operations at Weiss and Logan Martin lakes with no adverse impacts to federally authorized project purposes and only minor impacts on the natural and human environment, as described in detail in this Final FR/SEIS.
Description: Feasibility Report and Integrated Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
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