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Title: Ice Harbor Dam, Snake River, Washington : Hydraulic Model Investigations
Authors: Perkins, Louis Z.
Keywords: Dams
Hydraulic models
Snake River (Wyo.-Wash.)
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Walla Walla District.
Abstract: Flow conditions to be expected during and after construction of Ice Harbor Dam were determined in a 1:100-scale hydraulic model that reproduced 2.7 miles of riverbed, pertinent overbank areas, successive structures, excavated channels, and disposal sites. The purposes of the model study were to check the adequacy of original designs for the project and to develop revisions if required to benefit fish passage, river navigation, energy dissipation, and power generation. Improved designs for the first- and second-stage cofferdams, fishway entrances, powerhouse tailrace, and navigation lock outlet were developed in the model. Diversion of a major portion of the river discharge through three powerhouse skeleton units would facilitate the upstream passage of fish during second-step construction. Alternative methods for operation of the completed project were evaluated.
Description: Technical Report
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