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Title: Fish Ladders for Little Goose and Lower Granite Dams Snake River, Washington, Hydraulic Model Investigation
Authors: Perkins, Louis Z.
Keywords: Hydraulic models
Little Goose Dam (Wyo. and Wash.)
Lower Granite Lake Dam (Wash.)
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Walla Walla District.
Abstract: A 1:10-scale hydraulic model was used to develop designs for the overflow section, weir upstream from the fish counting station, orifice control section, and exit of a 20-ft-wide, 1V on 10H-slope fish ladder for Little Goose Dam. Data from this study were used to design a similar fish ladder for Lower Granite Dam. An improved type of control section with vertical slots and submerged orifices in the bulkheads was developed in the model for use at Lower Granite. This type of control section was installed at both projects.
Description: Technical Report
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