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Title: A Proton Magnetometer Survey of Borrow Areas Along Cut-Off Lake: L-246
Authors: Grantham, Larry.
McMurray, Earl W.
Keywords: Geomagnetism
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Kansas City District.
Abstract: A proton magnetometer survey of borrow areas along the north shore of Cut-Off Lake was performed using a GEOMETRICS proton precession magnetometer. The area was surveyed using a twenty-feet grid spacing with five-feet grid spacings in areas of interest. Magnetic anomalies were discovered, but most of these were associated with modern artifacts at the surface. Two anomalies at the eastern end of the borrow areas were investigated in greater detail with a grid spacing of five feet. The objects causing these anomalies are fairly shallow and are probably not very large. It appears highly improbable, based on historical and geomorphological evidence, that the area could contain evidence of buried steamboats. The observed anomalies lie above the level of the river, and it appears that these could not be part of buried steamboats. The anomalies lie on the bank of a dredged drainage channel and are buried under the spoil pile. It would appear that these anomalies are associated with the dredging of this drainage channel.
Description: Technical Report
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