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Title: Water Temperature Trends in the Columbia River Basin
Authors: O'Connor, Ben L.
Keywords: Columbia River Watershed
Water temperature
Data sets
Fishes--Effect of temperature on
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Portland District.
Abstract: This study quantified historical trends in water temperature at various locations in the Columbia River Basin in order to understand how water temperature has varied temporally and spatially, as well as to evaluate the role of dams and river regulation, climate cycles, and global warming have with respect to the observed trends. Statistical analyses were performed on gage data of water temperature with records at some locations dating back to the 1930s but with most records starting in the 1990s. Trends and distributions of water temperature were quantified over analysis periods of varying length to account for the effects of climate cycles, periods of dam construction, and data record lengths. Furthermore, analyses consider both year-round and seasonal trends in water temperature.
Description: Technical Report
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