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Title: Mount St. Helens Ecosystem Restoration General Reevaluation Study Reconnaissance Report
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Portland District.
Keywords: Pacific salmon
Sediment control
Flood control
Restoration ecology
Stream restoration
Toutle River (Wash.)
Cowlitz River (Wash.)
Mount Saint Helens (Wash.)
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Portland District.
Abstract: The purpose of this reconnaissance report is to determine if there is a federal interest in pursuing ecosystem restoration actions in the Toutle River watershed, while maintaining the authorized levels of flood protection to communities along the Lower Cowlitz River. Current conditions at the sediment retention structure may now provide the potential for ecosystem restoration opportunities including upstream fish passage. This report addresses the existing fish passage limitations in the North Fork Toutle River as related to the trap-and-haul operations at the fish collection facility and the inability of the sediment retention structure to volitionally pass fish. Also, connectivity/fish habitat restoration is specifically addressed for the sediment plain upstream of the sediment retention structure and for the Toutle River below the sediment retention structure. This report also addresses the broader issue of what ecosystem restoration efforts could be effective in the Toutle watershed independent of the federal authority or who would be the responsible party for implementation. The North Fork Toutle Work Group was the impetus to initiate a study of ecosystem restoration efforts for the watershed. This informally organized group is composed of a variety of local organizations such as Friends of the Cowlitz and individuals that are interested in pursuing fish and wildlife restoration around Mount St. Helens. Information from meetings, a workshop, site visits, and other additional study information can be found in Appendix A. A database of current information relevant to restoration work in the basin is included in Appendix B. The report concludes by providing a recommendation as to what environmental restoration measures would be in the federal interest to consider for implementation.
Description: Reconnaissance Report
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