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Title: Remote Assessment of Swamp and Bottomland Hardwood Habitat Condition in the Maurepas Diversion Project Area
Authors: Suir, Glenn M.
Saltus, Christina L.
Jackson, Samuel S.
Keywords: Maurepas, Lake (La.)
Environmental monitoring
Remote sensing
Publisher: Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Abstract: This study used high spatial resolution satellite imagery to identify and map Bottomland Hardwood (BLH) and swamp forests within the Maurepas Diversion Project area and used Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) elevation data, vegetation indices, and established stand-level thresholds to evaluate the condition of forested habitat. The Forest Condition methods and data developed as part of this study provide a remote sensing-based supplement to the field-based methods used in previous studies. Furthermore, several advantages are realized over traditional methods including higher resolution products, repeatability, improved coverage, and reduced effort and cost. This study advances previous methods and provides products useful for informing ecosystem decision making related to environmental assessments.
Description: Dataset
Rights: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited
Size: Maurepas_Swamp_Crown_Radius - 1.73 MBs; Maurepas_Swamp_Forest_Condition - 284.76 KBs; Maurepas_Swamp_Habitat_Classification - 17.88 MBs; Maurepas_Swamp_Leaf_Area_Index - 1.84 MBs; Maurepas_Swamp_Tree_Density - 376.81 KBs; Maurepas_Swamp_Tree_Height - 3.17 MBs;
Types of Materials: .TIF, .TFW, .XML, .OVR, .LPK, .CPG, and .DBF
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