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Title: Jennings Randolph Lake : Master Plan
Authors: John Gallup and Associates.
Keywords: Jennings Randolph Lake (Md. and W. Va.)
Environmental management
Environmental protection
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Baltimore District.
Abstract: The Jennings Randolph Lake Project was authorized and constructed for the primary purposes of controlling floods originating on the North Branch Potomac River, providing an adequate supply of water for domestic and industrial uses, and increasing downstream water quality in the North Branch Potomac River. A major secondary use of the project lands and waters is recreation and environmental stewardship of natural and cultural resources. The project area is heavily utilized by individuals and groups from near and far who participate in a variety of activities, like camping, boating, fishing, hiking, picnicking, and enjoying the great outdoors. The purpose of this document is to update the Master Plan and Environmental Assessment, written in 1973 and updated in 1997. The Jennings Randolph Lake Master Plan is the strategic land use management document that guides the comprehensive management and development of all recreational, natural, and cultural resources throughout the life of the project. It is the basic document guiding USACE responsibilities pursuant to Federal Laws to preserve, conserve, restore, maintain, manage, and develop the project lands, waters, and associated resources. The original objective of the establishment of Jennings Randolph Lake was flood risk management, water quality control, and domestic / industrial water supply. The success of these original tenants presented additional opportunities for recreation activities on and around the lake. This Plan provides an analysis of and guidance for recreation enhancement and potential development activities at Jennings Randolph Lake. This document presents an evaluation of the assets, needs, and potentials of Jennings Randolph Lake. This Plan reflects changes that have occurred to the project site, in the region, in recreation trends, and in USACE policy in the 24 years since the last master plan update. It provides a management framework that balances the stewardship of natural resources and provision of high-quality recreation activities with the primary project purposes of flood risk management, water quality control, and water supply. This Plan addresses expressed public interest in the overall stewardship and management of all project resources and includes graphics showing the most desirable and feasible enhancements to existing facilities, as well as locations and types of new facilities needed to meet the identified needs. Implementation of the Jennings Randolph Lake Master Plan must recognize and be compatible with the primary project missions of flood risk management, water quality control, and water supply. Recreation facility development and natural resources management activities proposed in this Plan are dependent on the availability of appropriated funds, but may also be achieved through partnerships, donations, and volunteer efforts.
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