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Title: Rotor blade design framework for airfoil shape optimization with performance considerations
Authors: Allen, Luke D.
Lim, Joon W.
Haehnel, Robert B.
Dettwiller, Ian D.
Keywords: Helicopters--Design
Rotors (Helicopters)--Design
Helicopters--Computer simulation
Rotors (Helicopters)--Computer simulation
Genetic algorithms
Publisher: Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)
Information Technology Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Miscellaneous Paper (Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)) ; no. ERDC MP-21-5
Is Version Of: Allen, Luke D., Joon W. Lim, Robert B. Haehnel, and Ian D. Dettwiller. "Rotor Blade Design Framework for Airfoil Shape Optimization with Performance Considerations." In AIAA Scitech 2021 Forum, p. 0068. 2021.
Abstract: A framework for optimizing rotor blade airfoil shape is presented. The framework uses two digital workflows created within the Galaxy Simulation Builder (GSB) software package. The first is a workflow enabling the automated creation of a surrogate model for predicting airfoil performance coefficients. An accurate surrogate model for the rapid generation of airfoil coefficient tables has been developed using linear interpolation techniques that is based on C81Gen and ARC2D CFD codes. The second workflow defines the rotor blade optimization problem using GSB and the Dakota numerical optimization library. The presented example uses a quasi-Newton optimization algorithm to optimize the tip region of the UH-60A main rotor blade with respect to vehicle performance. This is accomplished by morphing the blade tip airfoil shape for optimum power, subject to a constraint on the maximum pitch link load.
Description: Miscellaneous Paper
Gov't Doc #: ERDC MP-21-5
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