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Title: Berryessa Creek Element, Coyote and Berryessa Creeks, California : Flood Control Project, Santa Clara County, California : Final General Reevaluation Report and Environmental Impact Statement
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Sacramento District.
Keywords: Berryessa Creek (Calif.)
Flood control
Environmental management
Environmental protection
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Sacramento District.
Abstract: This document is in the format of an integrated General Reevaluation Report (GRR) and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and addresses the proposed modifications to the federally authorized Berryessa Creek Element of the Coyote and Berryessa Creeks, California flood control project located within the cities of San Jose and Milpitas in Santa Clara County, California. This GRR-EIS identifies, evaluates, and documents the alternatives evaluated as well as the potential direct and indirect environmental, social, and economic effects of the proposed action. The Berryessa Creek Element, as authorized by Congress in 1990, is a single-purpose flood risk management project that includes mitigation of adverse effects on fish and wildlife habitat. The authorized project extends approximately 4.5 miles along Berryessa Creek from 600 feet upstream of Old Piedmont Road to 50 feet downstream of Calaveras Boulevard (Highway 237). The proposed modifications in this GRR-EIS include flood risk management primarily along 2.2 miles of Berryessa Creek extending from Interstate 680 (I-680) to Calaveras Boulevard. The more environmentally sensitive reach upstream of I-680 would be deferred due to lack of current economic justification. The tentatively selected plan would provide capacity to convey median 0.01 exceedance probability discharge from I-680 to Calaveras Boulevard and would cost approximately $26 million. The plan would consist of an earthen trapezoidal channel section with varying bottom width and 2H:1V sideslopes. Free-standing concrete floodwalls would be constructed in the immediate vicinity of Montague Expressway as well as between the Piedmont Creek confluence and Calaveras Boulevard. The existing railroad trestle would be replaced with a triple barrel concrete box culvert.
Description: General Reevaluation Report and Environmental Impact Statement
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