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dc.descriptionMaster Plan and Environmental Assessment-
dc.description.abstractThis Master Plan and Draft Environmental Assessment for Sepulveda Dam Basin is an update to the 1981 Sepulveda Basin Master Plan and Final Environmental Impact Report/Statement and 1995 Supplement 1 to the 1981 Sepulveda Basin Master Plan Including Environmental Assessment. The Federal project, Sepulveda Dam Flood Control Project, (Dam or Project) refers to the structures, amenities, and lands necessary for operation of the Dam. The Sepulveda Dam Basin (Basin) refers to the lands acquired for the construction, operation and maintenance of the Project. A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Master Plan for an authorized civil works project is a conceptual Project-specific document. It describes the existing resources in the Basin and provides a guide for Corps land management responsibilities and decisions in regard to project lands, water, and associated resources. The Master Plan provides direction and guidance for land development and utilization in the Basin pursuant to applicable Federal laws, regulations, and policies. Since the 1981 Master Plan, the land and resource uses within the Basin and have changed significantly. Some of the recreation amenities proposed in the 1981 Master Plan were never built. The Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Area has been expanded, the Anthony C. Beilenson Park the Sepulveda Basin Off-leash Dog Park, Pedlow Field Skate Park, and a Universally Accessible Playground have been built, and Bull Creek has been restored. The updated Master Plan reflects changes in the Basin and the application of Federal laws, and Corps’ regulations, policy, and guidance that have been amended or changed since the 1981 Master Plan. This Master Plan and associated Environmental Assessment (EA) trace the history and development of the Basin and provides the baseline condition of existing resources and amenities. Four community workshops were held during the preparation of this Master Plan to: (1) provide information to the public about the Corps’ master planning process; (2) identify the public’s needs, desires, and concerns regarding current and future use of the Basin, and (3) gain feedback on existing and proposed changes to the existing land use classifications in the Basin. Meetings were held with the City of Los Angeles (City), who leases a significant portion of the Basin from the Corps for recreational purposes. The City provided to the Corps information pertaining to current operations and maintenance, future plans, and current and future needs and goals. Visitation data was also provided by the City. Taken together and in light of an integrated ecological approach to land management, the Corps identified resource objectives for land uses as well as each land use classification in the Basin. Resource objectives shape Corps’ decisions that pertain to future development and activities. The Basin is classified according to land use classifications, which are dictated by Corps policies and guidance. The Master Plan recommends land at the Basin to be classified into six land use classifications: 1) Project Operations; 2) Recreation; 3) Environmentally Sensitive; 4) Multiple Resource Management - Recreation - Low Density; 5) Multiple Resource Management - Vegetative Management; and 6) Multiple Resource Management - Inactive and/or Future Recreation. The Master Plan provides guidance for balancing flood risk management requirements, recreation opportunities, and preservation of natural resources for current and future generations.en_US
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dc.titleSepulveda Dam Basin, Los Angeles County, California : Master Plan and Environmental Assessmenten_US
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