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dc.description.abstractMuch has been said about the need to use "holistic" perspectives that consider the entire watershed when contemplating stream restoration options. Unfortunately, political, programmatic, and jurisdictional boundaries seldom correspond with watershed boundaries and restoration projects focus on specific sites. Without a comprehensive reach or watershed assessment, selected restoration measures often ignore underlying problems at a broader scale and are either ineffective or not cost effective relative to other measures (Figure 1). A reconnaissance and assessment of watershed character is necessary to: • Assess watershed conditions to determine the causes and nature of impairment • Determine feasibility of using restoration or other management options to meet objectives In some cases, ecological restoration is the most effective response to impairment; in other cases, restoration may be one among many candidate tools for achieving objectives. To determine the appropriate actions, it is necessary to collect, compile, analyze, and interpret environmental data rapidly to facilitate management decisions and resultant options for preservation and control or mitigation of impairment. This technical note considers watershed and reach reconnaissance techniques that possess the following principal elements: • Cost-effective • Facilitate comparisons among sites • Quick, yet scientifically valid • Easily presented to the public • Environmentally-benign procedures.en_US
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