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Title: Delta Islands and Levees, Sacramento - San Joaquin River Delta, California : Interim Integrated Feasibility Report/Environmental Impact Statment
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Sacramento District.
Keywords: San Joaquin River Watershed (Calif.)
Wetland restoration
Restoration ecology
Environmental protection
Environmental management
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Sacramento District.
Abstract: USACE initiated the Delta Study in 2006 at the request of the DWR, the non-Federal sponsor for the study. USACE is the lead agency for the Feasibility Study and is also the lead under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This report: (1) identifies flood risk management and ecosystem restoration problems and opportunities in the Delta; (2) develops and evaluates measures to solve identified problems; (3) formulates and compares alternatives for ecosystem restoration; and (4) identifies a Recommended Plan (RP) for implementation. A draft of this FR/EIS was concurrently released for public review, internal policy review, Agency Technical Review (ATR), and Independent External Peer Review (IEPR). The present report has been updated based on comments received during these reviews and finalized to present the RP for eventual authorization. The RP is the most reasonably efficient contribution to the Delta, restoring 340 acres of intertidal marsh habitat in the Delta at a cost of $25M. The RP provides a unique opportunity to restore intertidal marsh, habitat which is now greatly reduced in this ecosystem of national significance. The RP links the proposed ecosystem restoration actions to historic and ongoing USACE navigation projects, providing a cost effective mechanism to implement otherwise costly subsidence reversal goals. This action would restore habitat for multiple Federally listed species, notably salmonids and Delta smelt. The restored habitat would also benefit millions of migratory fowl on the Pacific Flyway as they travel through the Delta.
Description: Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement
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