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Title: Baltimore Harbor and Channels (MD and VA) Dredged Material Management Plan and Final Tiered Environmental Impact Statement : Volume I - Text
Authors: Weston Solutions; Inc.
Keywords: Harbors--Maryland--Baltimore
Dredging spoil
Environmental protection
Environmental management
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Baltimore District.
Abstract: The USACE Engineering Regulation (ER) 1105-2-100 mandates that the USACE Districts develop a Dredged Material Management Plan (DMMP) for all federally maintained navigation harbor projects where there is an indication of insufficient placement capacity to accommodate maintenance dredging for the next 20 years. The DMMP is a planning document that ensures maintenance dredging activities are performed in an environmentally acceptable manner, use sound engineering techniques, and are economically justified. A DMMP addresses a full range of placement alternatives, leading to the selection of a final plan that ensures that sufficient placement capacity is available for at least the next 20 years. In July 2001, a Preliminary Assessment (PA) for the Baltimore Harbor and Channels DMMP was completed by CENAB. The purposes of the PA were to document the continued viability of the Baltimore Harbor and Channels project and to determine whether there is dredged material placement capacity sufficient to cover at least 20 years of maintenance and new work dredging. The PA recommended that a DMMP be prepared, concluded that continued maintenance dredging of the authorized federal channels is justified, and determined there is a shortfall of over 50 million cubic yards (mcy) of dredged material placement capacity for the next 20 years. The Philadelphia District’s Dredged Material Management Plan Preliminary Assessment for the Inland Waterway from the Delaware River to Chesapeake Bay, Delaware and Maryland, September 1995, concluded that there is a shortage in dredged material capacity for the channel reach from the Sassafras River to Pooles Island and recommended a dredged material management study to identify suitable placement sites. Thus, preparation of a programmatic DMMP was recommended. The specific objectives of the Baltimore Harbor and Channels DMMP are to: 1. Develop a plan to maintain, in an economically and environmentally sound manner, channels necessary for navigation to the Port of Baltimore. 2. Conduct dredged material placement in an environmentally sound manner. 3. Maximize the use of dredged material as a beneficial resource. 4. Ensure that there is a minimum of 20 years of dredged material capacity for the project.
Description: Dredged Material Management Plan and Final Tiered Environmental Impact Statement
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