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Title: Removing uranium (VI) from aqueous solution with insoluble humic acid derived from leonardite
Authors: Larson, Steven L.
Ballard, John H.
Meng, Fande
Arslan, Zikri
Han, Fengxiang X.
Yuan, Guodong
Waggoner, Charles A.
Keywords: Uranium contamination
Depleted uranium
Humic acid
Artificial seawater
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Miscellaneous Paper (Engineer Research and Development Center U.S.));no. ERDC/EL MP-20-8
Abstract: The occurrence of uranium (U) and depleted uranium (DU)-contaminated wastes from anthropogenic activities is an important environmental problem. Insoluble humic acid derived from leonardite (L-HA) was investigated as a potential adsorbent for immobilizing U in the environment. The effect of initial pH, contact time, U concentration, and temperature on U(VI) adsorption onto L-HA was assessed. The U(VI) adsorption was pH-dependent and achieved equilibrium in 2 h. It could be well described with pseudosecond- order model, indicating that U(VI) adsorption onto L-HA involved chemisorption. The U(VI) adsorption mass increased with increasing temperature with maximum adsorption capacities of 91, 112 and 120 mg g-1 at 298, 308 and 318 K, respectively. The adsorption reaction was spontaneous and endothermic. We explored the processes of U(VI) desorption from the L-HA-U complex through batch desorption experiments in 1 mM NaNO3 and in artificial seawater. The desorption process could be well described by pseudo-first-order model and reached equilibrium in 3 h. L-HA possessed a high propensity to adsorb U(VI). Once adsorbed, the release of U(VI) from L-HA-U complex was minimal in both 1 mM NaNO3and artificial seawater (0.06% and 0.40%, respectively). Being abundant, inexpensive, and safe, LHA has good potential for use as a U adsorbent from aqueous solution or immobilizing U in soils.
Description: Miscellaneous Paper
Gov't Doc #: ERDC/EL MP-20-8
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