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dc.contributor.authorUnited States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Charleston District-
dc.descriptionEnvironmental Assessment-
dc.description.abstractThe Charleston Harbor federal navigation channel is located in Charleston Harbor. South Carolina which lies approximately midway along the South Carolina coastline. It is approximately 140 statute miles southwest of the entrance to Cape Fear River, North Carolina and 75 statute miles northeast of the Savannah River. The proposed project consists of deepening Charleston Harbor from a depth of 40 feet to 45 feet below mean low water (MLW) with two (2) feet of advance maintenance and two (2) feet of allowable overdepth. Furthermore, the project will also include realignment of the channel at Horse Reach and Shutes/Folly Reach to improve navigation by straightening the channel. The entrance channel will be 47 feet deep and 800 feet in width from the 47-foot ocean contour to station 0+00 inside the jetties. The channel will slope upward to 45 feet and remaIn at 800 feet wide to a point adjacent to Sullivans's Island where it will narrow to 600 feet wide. The remainder of the navigation channel will remain at the present 500 to 800 feet wide with the following exceptions. The Daniel Istand Reach will vary from approximately 600 feet to 875 feet in width for the proposed terminal aCcess and include a turning basin approximately 1200 feet in length. Upper Town Creek will be reduced to 16 feet deep and 250 feet wide. The entrance channel will not be deepened in any area where the present depth is already at 47 feet. In addition, two existing contraction dikes located on the west side of the Cooper River, across from the proposed new Daniel Island Terminal will be refurbished. The existing contraction dike located at Daniel Island will be removed and a'new 700 foot long contraction dike located approximately 150 feet upstream of the degaussing pier on the west side of the Cooper River will be constructed.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipUnited States. Army. Corps of Engineers.en_US
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dc.subjectCharleston Harbor (S.C.)en_US
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dc.titleEnvironmental Assessment : Charleston Harbor Deepening/Widening, Charleston Harbor, South Carolinaen_US
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