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Title: Applying milticriteria decision analysis to managing species at risk and other critical resources on military installations
Authors: Suedel, Burton C.
Kim, Jongbum.
Lance, Richard F., 1967-
Keywords: Multiple criteria decision making
Wildlife management
Military bases
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Abstract: Abstract: When managing species at risk (SAR) and other critical resources (e.g. threatened and endangered species) on military installations, land managers are often faced with complex sets of land use objectives (warfighter training, installation operations, natural resource extraction, multiple SAR or threatened and endangered species, etc.), conflicting priorities among stakeholders (trainers, public works managers, natural resource managers, other federal agencies, environmental nonprofits, etc.), and limited resources (funds, manpower, time, etc.). Identifying optimal solutions or management actions, and effectively communicating concerns, probable outcomes of alternative actions, and reasons for decisions are some of the more difficult tasks faced by land managers. This technical note will describe how managers and stakeholders can resolve conflicting objectives, deal with the uncertainties, and optimize SAR management. The importance of “value trade-offs” in arriving at optimal decisions will be illustrated. Ultimately, this technical note will provide a general overview of a structured, transparent approach to decision-making that not only helps managers determine the best management alternatives, but also defend them.
Description: Technical Note
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