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Title: Upper Mississippi River System Environmental Management Program Definite Project Report/Environmental Assessment (SP-23) : Ambrough Slough Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Project, Pool 10, Upper Mississippi River, Crawford County, Wisconsin
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. St. Paul District.
Keywords: Restoration ecology
Environmental protection
Environmental management
Mississippi River
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. St. Paul District.
Abstract: The Ambrough Slough Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Project consists of a number of features located pool 10 of the Upper Mississippi River near Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. The study investigated habitat conditions and concerns in the Ambrough Slough complex, a 1200-hectare area containing a number of backwater lakes, sloughs, and other wetland habitats. The habitat concerns within the Ambrough Slough complex are primarily related to providing adequate habitat for the backwater fish community, especially overwintering habitat. Habitat conditions for wildlife within the complex are considered above average. The plan formulation process considered a number of alternatives for the habitat problems and opportunities within the Ambrough Slough complex. Reducing flows entering the complex and individual lakes were evaluated for a number of locations. The recommended flow reduction features of the project include a partial rock closure structure at the entrance of Black Slough, rock closures of two small openings at Upper Doubles Lake and Tilmont Lake, respectively, and the restoration of a peninsula that used to separate Tilmont Lake from Ambrough and Mudhen Sloughs. The primary purpose of these features is to improve winter fish habitat conditions by reducing current velocities and maintaining water temperatures within tolerance ranges of backwater fish species. Backwater dredging was evaluated for a number of area lakes and is recommended for Spring Lake, Big Missouri Lake, and Upper Doubles Lake. The primary purpose is to increase water depths and improve both summer and winter habitat conditions for the backwater fish community. Gremore Lake is the largest lake in the complex. The primary habitat problem in Gremore Lake is dissolved oxygen depletion during the winter. Mechanical aeration, dredging, and flow introduction were evaluated as potential solutions. Flow introduction is the recommended plan. This would be accomplished by construction of a small channel that would allow introduction of Ambrough Slough flows into the head of Gremore Lake. A culvert with a stoplog control structure would be used to control the flows entering the lake. This project feature is located outside the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge, and as such, implementation would be cost shared with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on a 65 percent Federal - 35 percent non-Federal basis.
Description: Definite Project Report with Integrated Environmental Assessment
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