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Title: Development of a distributed source contaminant transport model for ARAMS
Authors: Ecosystem Characterization and Monitoring Initiative (U.S.)
Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (U.S.)
Johnson, Billy E.
Zhang, Zhonglong
Keywords: Groundwater flow
Groundwater pollution
Contaminated sediments
Soil pollution
Gridded Surface Sub-Subsurface Hydrologic Analysis (GSSHA)
Camp Shelby (Miss.)
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Technical Note
Introduction: Given the complex nature of surface water and groundwater interaction, as well as the spatial nature of contaminant distribution, a distributed source contaminant transport model is needed to accurately account for the movement of water and contaminants through the various landscape media where more simplistic models are not applicable, or are homogeneous, which is not appropriate for the heterogeneous nature of distributed sources. This report will discuss the overland and channel flow formulations currently implemented within the Gridded Surface Sub-Subsurface Hydrologic Analysis (GSSHA) model. In addition, a detailed discussion of the contaminant fate and transport formulations for the overland, upper soil layer, and channel regimes will be presented. Finally, based upon training exercises, ongoing research, and proximity to Vicksburg, the Camp Shelby Training Area has been selected as the model validation site. Existing data and future data needs to support model calibration and validation will be discussed.
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