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Title: Grand Prairie Region and Bayou Meto Basin, Arkansas Project : Bayou Meto Basin, Arkansas, General Reevaluation Report, Volume 7 : Appendix B, Engineering Investigations & Analyses, Agricultural and Water Supply Component, Section X - Reference Maps
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Memphis District.
Keywords: Bayou Meto (Ark.)
Flood control
Environmental management
Environmental protection
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Memphis District.
Abstract: The purpose of this appendix is to present graphically the project area along with the features of the selected plan. Due to the magnitude and complexity of this project, all of the features could not be conveyed on a single set of maps. The coverage of the individual base maps coincides with the coverage presented on the standard 7-1/2 minute USGS quadrangles; however, the scale is set to 1 :62,500, the same as the scale for a standard 15 minute USGS quadrangle. The USGS naming convention has been retained for the base maps. An index map showing spatial relationships of the individual maps is provided for easy reference. A composite map of the project area and a vicinity map of the eastern Arkansas regions are also included. For clarity, several series of these base maps have been generated with each series depicting a specific type or types of project features. The components comprising the various series of maps are discussed below. Detailed information regarding the specifics of the project features depicted can be obtained by referencing the text of he report.
Description: General Reevaluation Report
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