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Title: Guidelines for disposal of lead-based paint abatement waste
Authors: Curtin, Deborah R.
Keywords: Lead based paint--Removal
Lead based paint--Law and legislation
Hazardous wastes
Refuse and refuse disposal
Sewage disposal
Environmental management
Waste disposal
Military bases
Publisher: Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Technical Report (Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (U.S.)) ; no. TR 97/117
Abstract: The U.S. Army maintains more than 101 million sq ft of buildings that contain lead-based paint on their surfaces. Over 300 of the Army's elevated water storage tanks and hundreds of other concrete or steel structures are painted with red oxide primers. These lead-containing substances are often removed and disposed of during routine maintenance, or when the structures must be decommissioned or demolished. If the waste is not properly disposed of, the Army can be held liable for additional expenses under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), and human health may be compromised. The U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (USACERL) continues to research the issue of lead disposal, to develop strategies for LBP management and disposal, and to determine the long-term fate of lead after disposal. A sound understanding of lead's fate in the environment will help Army managers make informed, environmentally sound decisions regarding the disposal of the potentially large quantity of lead-contaminated waste that the Army generates. This study gathered information on LBP abatement waste management options for demolition debris from structures contaminated with LBP and waste generated from specific abatement technologies, and authored guidelines for disposal of those wastes.
Description: Technical Report
Gov't Doc #: TR 97/117
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