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Title: Southwest Coastal Louisiana Study : Integrated Final Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement, Appendix D : Economics
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Mississippi Valley Division.
Keywords: Flood control
Environmental management
Restoration ecology
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. New Orleans District.
Abstract: This appendix presents an economic evaluation of the six structural storm surge risk reduction alternatives and nonstructural risk reduction alternatives under consideration for the Southwest Coastal Louisiana feasibility study evaluation area, which includes portions of three parishes in the state of Louisiana. The appendix also presents an analysis of NER plans that were also considered for the evaluation area. These analyses were prepared in accordance with Engineering Regulation (ER) 1105-2-100, Planning Guidance Notebook, and ER 1105-2-101, Planning Guidance, Risk Analysis for Flood Damage Reduction Studies. The National Economic Development Procedures Manual for Flood Risk Management and Coastal Storm Risk Management, prepared by the Water Resources Support Center, Institute for Water Resources, was also used as a reference, along with the User’s Manual for the Hydrologic Engineering Center Flood Damage Analysis Model (HEC-FDA). IWR-Plan was used to facilitate the analyses of NER plans. The structure inventory was valued using October 2012 price levels (Fiscal Year 2013). However, the estimates of economic damages, benefits, net benefits, NED costs and NER costs were reported using Fiscal Year 2015 price levels (October 1, 2014). The year 2025 was identified as the base year for each of the NED and NER alternatives as the basis for plan comparison. Estimates of interest during construction and amortization of values were conducted using the FY 2015 Federal discount rate of 3.375 percent. The final net benefit results were updated to FY 2016 price levels (October 1, 2015) and the FY 2016 Federal discount rate of 3.125 percent. The Regional Economic Development (RED) account will be addressed in a separate section following the identification of the NED and NER plans. If the economic activity lost in the flooded region can be transferred to another area or region in the national economy, then these losses are not included in the NED account. However, the impacts on the employment, income, and output of the regional economy are considered part of the RED account and are generated by the spending stimulus originating with the additional expenditures required to construct the plan. The input-output macroeconomic model RECONS was used to address the impacts of the construction spending associated with the NED and NER recommended plans.
Description: Integrated Final Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement
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