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Title: Southwest Coastal Louisiana Study : Integrated Final Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement, Appendix C : Plan Formulation Appendix
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Mississippi Valley Division.
Keywords: Flood control
Environmental management
Restoration ecology
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. New Orleans District.
Abstract: This appendix provides supplemental plan formulation information for the Southwest Coastal Louisiana feasibility study. It supplements the information in Chapter 2 of the main report and includes tables used in the initial and intermediate development, screening, and evaluation of management measures, features, and alternative plans. The formulation process from the development of the NED and NER focused arrays through the identification of the NED and NER Tentatively Selected Plans (TSPs) is fully documented in Chapter 2 of the Main Report. Chapter 2 of the Main Report contains details of how the NED and NER TSPs were refined and optimized. Additional updates and changes to the NED TSP and NER TSP occurred after release of the 2013 Initial Draft Report for public review as well as the 2015 Revised Draft Report for public review. Significant changes to the NED plan consisted of updating costs and benefits to refine the pool of eligible structures. Significant changes to the NER plan consisted of adjusting the marsh restoration benefits and the implementation plan. Details of the outcome of the formulation process, which resulted in the identification of the NED and NER Recommended Plans (RPs) are included in Chapter 4. The NED RP is further described in Appendix L, which outlines how the NED RP would be implemented. Fact sheets for all NER features are included in Appendix K. A description of the NER RP can also be found in Chapter 4.
Description: Integrated Final Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement
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