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Title: Southwest Coastal Louisiana Study : Integrated Final Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement, Appendix B : Engineering
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Mississippi Valley Division.
Keywords: Flood control
Environmental management
Restoration ecology
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. New Orleans District.
Abstract: This Appendix summarizes the preliminary engineering and design work completed for alternative development, formulation, and design processes that evaluated NED and NER features up to the focused array. This report includes hydrologic and hydraulic engineering analyses, including: levee and channel design, hydrologic/salinity control structure design, shoreline protection/stabilization design, marsh restoration design, and Chenier reforestation design for the NED and NER features. The information contained herein was presented in the 2015 Revised Draft Report that was released for public review in March 2015. Changes to the NED and NER TSPs, and to the method of implementation of the NED Recommended Plan (NED RP) have occurred since that public review. Those changes are not captured in this Appendix. Since the NED Recommended Plan (RP) is nonstructural and 100% voluntary, refinements to the NED TSP that resulted in the identification of the RP are primarily captured in the Economics Appendix D, with changes in the method of implementation being addressed in Appendix L. The NER RP features were also refined and are captured in the Fact Sheet Appendix K. Certified cost updates for both RPs are captured in the Cost Annex to this Appendix. Descriptions of both plans appear in Chapter 4.
Description: Integrated Final Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement
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