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Title: Mississippi River Ship Channel, Gulf to Baton Rouge, LA: Integrated General Reevalution Report & Supplement III to the Final Environmental Impact Statement, Mississippi River Ship Channel, Baton Rouge to the Gulf, Louisiana Project: Appendix K, Preliminary Assessment of the Dredge Material Management Plan
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Mississippi Valley Division.
Keywords: Mississippi River
Channels (Hydraulic engineering)
Inland navigation
Environmental management
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. New Orleans District.
Abstract: Sound management of maintenance dredged material is an important part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers navigation mission. As part of this mission, a dredged material management plan must be kept current for all Federally maintained navigation projects as required by USACE policy, Engineering Regulation 1105-2-100, 3-2, b(8) and E-15. The goal is to accomplish disposal of dredged material from navigation projects in the least costly manner and meet all Federal environmental standards. The DMMP process may include one or both of two phases. The first phase, the Preliminary Assessment (PA), is conducted at a limited scope. The PA must identify sufficient capacity for dredged material disposal for a minimum of 20 years; it must document the continued economic viability of the project by achievement of a benefit to cost ratio (BCR) that exceeds unity; and it must ensure that ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) activities are consistent with all environmental compliance documents. If the outcome of the PA shows deficiencies in any of these areas, the second phase to initiate a more detailed dredged material management study must then be performed. This PA addresses the Mississippi River Ship Channel (MRSC) Gulf to Baton Rouge, LA Deep Draft Navigation Project. It covers the project as currently constructed and maintained, as well as the proposed deepening to 50 ft that is recommended in the on-going general reevaluation stud and report Mississippi River Ship Channel Gulf to Baton Rouge, La Integrated General Reevaluation Report and Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (GRR/SEIS). The intent of the PA is to identify if the dredging and disposal practices are sufficient for the current project for the next 20 years, and to ensure the proposed deepening to 50 ft does not result in the need to change these practices. This will allow the PA to cover both project depths for the next 20 years. The PA identifies sufficient capacity to dispose of the expected dredged material for the next 20 years, for both the current project depth and the proposed 50 ft project depth. The PA identifies that the channel, as currently maintained, is economically justified, and the GRR/SEIS provides the economic justification for the proposed 50 ft project depth. Finally, the PA determines that the project is in environmental compliance. Therefore, further DMMP development, in the form of a DMMP study, is not needed at this time. This level of assessment satisfies USACE requirements through Fiscal Year (FY) 2038. Should conditions in the river change prior to this time, the PA DMMP should be reevaluated, to determine if it is still adequate for the changed conditions, or if further analysis is warranted.
Description: Integrated General Reevaluation Report and Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
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