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Title: West Shore Lake Pontchartrain Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction Study: Final Integrated Feasbility Report and Environmental Impact Statement: Appendix D, Economic Appendix
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Mississippi Valley Division.
Keywords: Pontchartrain, Lake (La.)
Flood control
Environmental management
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. New Orleans District.
Abstract: This appendix presents an economic evaluation of the Recommended Plan for the West Shore Lake Pontchartrain LA Hurricane and Surge Risk Reduction Feasibility Study. The evaluation area includes portions of three parishes in Southeast Louisiana. It was prepared in accordance with Engineering Regulation 1105-2-100, Planning Guidance Notebook, and ER 1105-2-101, Planning Guidance, Risk Analysis for Flood Damage Reduction Studies. The National Economic Development Procedures Manual for Flood Risk Management and Coastal Storm Risk Management, prepared by the Water Resources Support Center, Institute for Water Resources, was also used as a reference, along with the Users Manual for the Hydrologic Engineering Center Flood Damage Analysis Model. The economic appendix consists of a description of the methodology used to determine National Economic Development damages under existing and future conditions and projects costs. The damages and costs were first calculated using October 2012 price levels but were later updated to October 2014 price levels using the Civil Works Construction Costs Index System. Damages were converted to equivalent annual values using the FY 2014 Federal discount rate of 3.5 percent and a period of analysis of 50 years. The year 2020 was identified as the base year for each of the alternatives as the basis for plan comparison. Once the Recommended Plan was determined, the equivalent annual damage and benefit estimates, in addition to average annual construction and OMRR&R costs, were recalculated using the current FY 2015 Federal discount rate of 3.375 percent.
Description: Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement
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