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Title: Environmental Assessment, Mississippi River and Tributaries Project: Mississippi River Levees, Upper Pontchartrain Seepage Control, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana: EA #566
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Mississippi Valley Division.
Keywords: Flood control
Environmental management
East Baton Rouge Parish (La.)
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. New Orleans District.
Abstract: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mississippi River Valley Division, Regional Planning and Environment Division South, has prepared this Environmental Assessment for the New Orleans District to evaluate potential impacts of installing 15 relief wells to collect seepage during high water stages on the Mississippi River and two catch basins with six permanent pumps to return the seepage water collected from the wells back to the river. This EA has been prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and the Council on Environmental Quality’s Regulations, as reflected in the USACE Engineering Regulation ER 200-2-2. This EA provides sufficient information on the potential adverse and beneficial environmental effects to allow the District Commander, USACE, CEMVN, to make an informed decision on the appropriateness of an Environmental Impact Statement or a Finding of No Significant Impact. The proposed work would manage seepage flow to improve levee stability by constructing seepage control measures between levee stations 160+00 and 181+00. The proposed work would be performed approximately 4 miles south southwest of downtown Baton Rouge adjacent to River Road. The work consists of construction of 15 relief wells placed approximately 130 feet apart near the toe of the existing levee. The location of the relief wells would be adjusted to avoid utilities and ramps. Two catch basins and pumping system would convey the water, discharged from the relief wells, back over the levee and into the river. Concrete pads with electric service hook-ups (pump control boxes), would be constructed within the existing Project rights-of-way. The concrete pad size for the electrical equipment supporting the two pumps is 7'W x 2.5'D x 1'H. The concrete pad size for the electrical equipment supporting the four pumps is 9.5'W x 2.5'D x 1'H. The roadside ditch between the levee and the road would be designed and reconfigured to collect well outflow. Two catch basins and six pumps would be installed to route the well outflow back over the levee and into the river via six 12-inch high-density polyethylene pipes and flexible discharge hoses. Each pump has a pumping capacity of 1,150 gallons per minute at the designated total dynamic head. Total discharge volume would vary based upon how much seepage is flowing into the catch basins. All excavated material removed from the site during construction would be hauled in watertight trucks with secured binders on tailgates to an approved commercial disposal facility.
Description: Environmental Assessment / Finding of No Significant Impact
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