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Title: Mobile Harbor, Mobile, Alabama: Integrated General Reevaluation Report With Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement: Appendix B, Economics
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Mobile District.
Keywords: Mobile Bay (Ala.)
Environmental management
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Mobile District.
Abstract: The role of the U.S Army Corps of Engineers with respect to navigation is to reduce navigation hazards and enable reliable and efficient waterborne transportation systems for the movement of commerce, national security needs and recreation. The Planning Guidance Notebook was referenced in performing the economic analysis. National Economic Development benefits are contributions to National Economic Development that increase the value of the national output of goods and services. It is the primary basis for Federal investment in water resource projects and is measured in average annual equivalent terms. The purpose of this study is to evaluate Federal interest in alternative plans for reducing transportation costs and addressing navigation safety issues for Mobile Harbor and assess the effects of the alternatives on the natural system and human environment, including economic development. The economic analysis focuses on the overall efficiency of the system and comparison of the cost of transportation. The principal navigation problem is larger vessels are experiencing transportation delays due to limited channel depth and width. This problem is a result of increasing number and size of vessels entering and departing the port. The existing channel depths and widths limit vessel cargo capability and restrict many vessels to one-way traffic. The period of analysis is 50 years, 2025 through 2074. The analysis uses the vessel operating cost from the Economic Guidance Memorandum 17-04, Deep Draft Vessel Operating Costs FY 2016 Price Levels and the Federal discount rate from EGM, 18-01, Federal Interest Rates for Corps of Engineers Projects for Fiscal Year 2018 of 2.75 percent. The benefits in the economic analysis are derived from transportation cost savings.
Description: General Reevaluation Report and Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
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