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Title: Palm Beach County, Florida: Shore Protection Project, Jupiter Carlin Segment: Final Integrated Section 934 Report and Environmental Assessment: Appendix B, Cost Engineering and Risk Analysis
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Jacksonville District.
Keywords: Shore protection
Beach nourishment
Palm Beach County (Fla.)
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Jacksonville District.
Abstract: The goal of Cost Engineering for the Jupiter Carlin Segment of the Palm Beach County Shore Protection Project Section 934 Report is to present the Total Project Cost (construction and non‐construction costs) for the recommended plan at the current price level. This information will be used to determine if an extension of federal participation in cost-sharing of the authorized Jupiter Carlin Segment of the Palm Beach County Shore Protection Project is economically justified. In addition, the costing efforts are intended to produce a final product (cost estimate) that is reliable and accurate and that supports the definition of the Government’s and the non‐Federal sponsor’s obligations. The cost estimating effort for the study was coordinated with the economic effort to determine the appropriate nourishment interval based upon annualized costs and benefits. The final cost estimate included in the report was based on construction feature unit pricing and are prepared in Civil Works, Work Breakdown Structure (CWWBS) format to the sub‐feature level. This cost estimate supports the National Economic Development (NED) plan (Recommended Plan). This estimate is supported by the preferred labor, equipment, materials and crew/production breakdown. A fully funded (escalated for inflation through project completion) cost estimate, the Baseline Cost Estimate or Total Project Cost Summary, has also been developed. A risk analysis was prepared that addresses uncertainties in and sets contingencies for the Recommended Plan cost items. The Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis (CSRA) Report, will be reviewed by the Cost Engineering Mandatory Center of Expertise (MCX) for Civil Works. The MCX is located at the Walla Walla District Cost Engineering Branch.
Description: Integrated Section 934 Report and Environmental Assessment
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