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dc.description.abstractAlong most of the U.S. east and gulf coasts, bottom profiles extending over the Inner Continental Shelves normal from the coast display a characteristic two-sector shape. Near the coast , the shoreface profile sector is steep and concave-up; the seaward ramp sector is planar with a gradual slope away from the coast. As part of the Beach Evaluation Program (BEP) at the Coastal Engineering Research Center, 9 profiles extending from the coast 30.5 kilometers (19 miles) seaward at each of 49 localities were averaged to mathematically characterize the profiles and to develop and test criteria for discriminating among groups of profiles. Localities were selected along straight coastal reaches away from inlets and estuaries in areas where the bottom consisted of unconsolidated sediments. Results of the study indicate Inner Continental Shelf profiles can be mathematically defined by four parameters: a= ramp slope (0 to 0.00107); b = depth of the ramp at the shoreline, when the ramp is extended as a straight line below the shoreface sector (0 to 24.7 meters, 0 to 81 feet); 3c =distance from the shoreline to the shoreface-ramp boundary (0.2 to 20.6 kilometers, 0.12 to 12.9 miles); and f =index of concavity of the shoreface sector (0.21 to 1.72). Values in parentheses are the range of values obtained for the 49 averaged profiles. All depths are referenced to mean low water. An equation was developed to define bottom depth as a function of distance from shore incorporating the four relatively easy to obtain parameters. Computed depths using the equation were found to be generally within 5 percent of the actual profile depths at the 49 localities. In most cases, no relationship was found between the geometric characteristics of the shoreface and the ramp.en_US
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dc.titleGeometry of profiles across Inner Continental Shelves of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United Statesen_US
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