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Title: Determination of structural properties of airfield matting
Authors: Garcia, Lyan I.
Hoffman, Nolan R.
Keywords: Airfield matting
Structural matting system
Lightweight mat program
Landing mats
Air bases
Publisher: Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Technical Report (Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)) ; no. ERDC/GSL TR-19-8
Abstract: The evaluation of the interaction between airfield matting and soil under aircraft loading has been part of ongoing investigations under the AMX and Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) lightweight mat programs. Full-scale evaluations on controlled subgrades using simulated aircraft loads have successfully provided a realistic performance measure of airfield mats in an operational environment. To better understand airfield mat behavior, a medium-scale bending experiment was performed to determine structural properties that can be related to field performance. This report presents data from experiments performed on new, lightweight matting systems investigated under the AMX and RPA lightweight mat programs using the medium-scale simply supported bending test. Full-scale traffic testing has previously been completed, but the structural and mechanical properties of the lightweight airfield mat designs have not been determined. A finite element implementation of the Mindlin plate theory was used to back-calculate mat modulus and flexural stiffness. Results showed reasonable relationships with field performance.
Description: Technical Report
Gov't Doc #: ERDC/GSL TR-19-8
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