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Title: Comparison of numerical and physical hydraulic models, Masonboro Inlet, North Carolina: Appendix 3: numerical simulation of hydrodynamics (Tracor)
Authors: Tracor Inc.
Chen, R. J.
Hembree, Louis A.
Keywords: Hydraulic models
Masonboro Inlet, N.C.
Mathematical models
Numerical simulation
Tidal flats
Publisher: Coastal Engineering Research Center (U.S.) General Investigation of Tidal Inlets Research Program
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: General Investigation of Tidal Inlets Report
Abstract: The purpose of this project was to modify an existing two-dimensional numerical hydrodynamic model to be applied to Masonboro Inlet, North Carolina. The model essentially consists of a numerical solution to the time-dependent linearized shallow water equation. One of the modifications was the incorporation of tidal flats which are important in the Masonboro Inlet system. The second was to devise a procedure for handling open water boundaries at which no boundary conditions were available. Using data for September 1969 supplied by CERC, the friction factor was adjusted to simulate the observed tide stage variation. Satisfactory verification was obtained against tidal stage variation and intratidal current phasing. The magnitude of the computed currents were consistently small but this is not thought to seriously delimit the model's utility.
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