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Title: Laboratory investigation of tidal inlets on sandy coasts
Authors: University of California at Berkeley, College of Engineering
Mayor-Mora, Ramiro E.
Keywords: Tidal Inlets
Lumped Parameter Approach
Hydraulic Models
Sandy Shores
Model Basins
Issue Date: Apr-1977
Publisher: Coastal Engineering Research Center (U.S.) General Investigation of Tidal Inlets Research Program
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: General Investigation of Tidal Inlets Report
Abstract: Experiments were conducted on a fine sand barrier separating two 1-foot deep water basins representing an ocean and a 94 by 64 foot bay. Pilot channels with varying geometric characteristics were cut through the barrier to communicate the basins and thus create an ocean-inlet-bay system subsequently subjected to ocean tide and wave action. Measurements were made of cross-sectional areas, water surface elevations at ocean, bay, and inlet, and inlet current velocities for a number of cycles (sinusoidal tides) until the water surface fluctuations in the bay became periodic for each run. Exploratory studies included runs with jettied inlets, a run with "freshwater" inflow into the bay, inlets under mild and steep ocean waves, and runs to deterrnine the effect of model bed ripple orientation on the friction coefficient of the inlet channel. Experimental data are presented in tabular and photographic form, and as plots correlating the various dimensionless hydraulic parameters (e.g., tidal range damping coefficient, bay superelevation, mean current velocity timelag between maxima and minima, duration of ebbtide) to the repletion coefficient, K, and to a proposed parameter, K~F. These results are then compared to the basic theoretical solution of the problem by Keulegan (1967) and to an extension of the Keulegan theory (the lumped parameter approach) developed by Huval and Wintergerst (in preparation, 1977). Comparison of tidal prisms and minimum flow areas are made between the laboratory results and available field data. An appendix includes plots summarizing the inlet channel's geometrical properties for the experiments. Note: The presence of the symbol ~ indicated the presence of a scientific symbol that could not be rendered by the character set of this system. The symbol will be present in the downloaded file.
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