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Title: Hydraulics and stability of tidal inlets
Authors: Escoffier, Francis F.
Keywords: Functional design
Inlet hydraulics
Inlet stability
Tidal discharge
Tidal hydraulics
Tidal inlets
Publisher: Coastal Engineering Research Center (U.S.) General Investigation of Tidal Inlets Research Program
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: General Investigation of Tidal Inlets Report
Abstract: This report presents a summary of several of the important basic developments pertaining to analysis of the hydraulics and relative stability of tidal inlets. In particular, it covers the work reported by Brown (1928) and Keulegan (1967) on inlet hydraulic calculations, and by O'Brien (1931, 1966), Jarrett (1976), Bruun (1966), Johnson (1973), O'Brien and Dean (1972), and Escoffier (1940) on the analysis of inlet channel stability. The original inlet stability concept proposed by Escoffier is extended in light of recent work. The report also contains brief discussions on tidal inlet characteristics and functional design requirements as well as case studies of selected inlets on the U.S. coasts.
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