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Title: Tidal Prism - Inlet Area Relationships
Authors: Jarrett, James T.
Keywords: Tidal Inlets
Tidal Prisms
Publisher: Coastal Engineering Research Center (U.S.), General Investigation of Tidal Inlets Research Program
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: General Investigation of Tidal Inlets Report
Abstract: The tidal prism - inlet area relationships for inlets on a sandy coast established by M. P. O'Brien were reanalyzed using his data and data published by other investigators. In addition, tidal prism and inlet cross-sectional area data developed in the Inlet Classification Study, a subfeature of the Corps of Engineers General Investigation of Tidal Inlets, were also used. These data result in a total of 162 data points for 108 inlets-- 59 of which are located on the Atlantic Coast, 24 on the Gulf Coast, and 25 on the Pacific Coast of the United States. The data are grouped into 3 main categories, namely: 1.) all inlets 2.) unjettied and singled-jettied inlets, and 3.) inlets with two jetties. Within each of these three categories, the data are further sub-divided into (a.) Inlets on all three coasts (b.) inlets on the Atlantic Coast, (c.) inlets on the Gulf Coast, and (d.) inlets on the Pacific Coast. Regression analysis was performed on each set of data to determine the equations of best fit and to establish 95 percent confidence limits for the equations and the constants in the equations. The results of the regression analysis, which in all cases yielded an equation of the form A = CP(n), in which C and (n) are constants determined by the regression analysis, indicate that the tidal prism - inlet area relationship is not a unique function for all inlets but varies depending on inlet location and whether or not the inlet has been stabilized with a dual jetty system. Note: In the case of (n), the character n should be an exponent. This is properly rendered within the document.
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