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Title: Addressing nearshore placement near Lake Worth Inlet, Florida
Authors: Condon, Andrew J.
Legault, Kelly R.
McFall, Brian C.
Keywords: Dredging
Dredging spoil
Environmental management
Sedimentation and deposition
Sediment transport
Shorelines--Lake Worth Inlet (Fla.)
Publisher: Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Technical Report (Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)) ; no. ERDC/CHL TR-19-1
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the nearshore hydrodynamics around Lake Worth Inlet, Florida, by utilizing the U.S. Army Research and Development Center Coastal Modeling System to address the feasibility of nearshore placement of dredged materials south of the inlet. The study area includes Palm Beach Harbor, Lake Worth Inlet, and the adjacent shorelines north and south of the inlet. The effectiveness of the nearshore placement in mitigating beach impacts was examined in terms of wave energy reaching a point landward of the placement area. Different alternatives were examined. The closer to shore the material is placed (which leads to shallower depths), the greater the wave energy reduction. Thin placement in deeper water along the nearshore placement area resulted in little change in wave energy reaching the shore. Material should be placed as close to shore as practicable to result in less wave energy reaching the beach. The Sediment Mobility Tool indicates the material will migrate onshore and remain within the nearshore system even when transported down-drift to the south. Nearshore placement of dredged material south of Florida Department of Environmental Protection Range Monument R-77 offers tangible benefits to the shoreline in the lee of the placement
Description: Technical Report
Gov't Doc #: ERDC/CHL TR-19-1
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