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Title: Military Evaluation of Geographic Areas, Reports on Activities to April 1963
Authors: Mobility and Environmental Systems Laboratory (U.S.)
Keywords: Geography--Collections
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station
Series/Report no.: Miscellaneous Paper (U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station);no. 3-610
Abstract: This report consists of 22 papers which were presented at a meeting the Board of Consultants for the project of "Military Evaluation of Geo­graphic Areas" (MEGA), Project No. 1-T-0-25001-A-131, held at the U. S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station (WES)on 17-18 April 1963. The presentations were intended to describe the major research activities of the MEGA project, to discuss the present status of the research, to define the most important problems faced in each activity, and to propose a re­ search program in general terms for the future. The Board of Consultants of the MEGA project consists of Prof. Joseph A. Russell, Department of Geography, University of Illinois; Dr. Kenneth B. Woods, Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering, Purdue University; Dr. Norman w. Radforth, Department of Botany, McMaster University , Hamil­ton, Ontario; Dr. A. W. Klichler, Department of Geography, University of Kansas; and Dr. Harold G. Wilm, Commissioner, Conservation Department, State of New York. Dr. Wilm was unable to attend the meeting reported herein because of illness. The authors of the various papers are identified in the text. WES personnel who contributed papers were: Messrs . Joseph R. Compton, Warren E. Grabau, Adam A. Rula, Richard G. Ahlvin, Edward E. Garrett, Richard R. Friesz, Marvin P. Meyer, Eugene E.Addor, Marcos A. Zappi, John H. Sham­burger, Bob O. Benn, William K. Dornbusch, Jr., and Jerald D. Broughton. Contractor personnel who contributed papers were : Dr. Richard Stone, De­ partment of Geology, University of Southern California; Dr. Pierre Dansereau, New York Botanical Garden; Drs. Peter Krenkel and Peter Hoadley, Department of Civil Engineering, Vanderbilt University; Dr. Howard L. Mills, Department of Botany, Marshall University; and Dr. Fred Norris, Department of Botany, and Dr. R. E. McLaughlin, Department of Geology, University of Tennessee. At the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Robert Jackson of Army Materiel Command, the agency sponsoring the MEGA project, made the following statement: On the basis of presentations made at this meet­ing, it is evident that the work under the project is responsive to the guidance which has been provided by AMC. It is a matter of considerable satisfaction to note both the demands for the capabilities in quanti­fying environmental effects and the responses which have been made an integral part of this project work. The prime examples of this are to be found in Project OTTER and the preliminary aspects of Project MERS, and in the Vicksburg Exercises I, II, and III. For the sake of emphasis, it is pointed out again that this project aims at providing a classification and description system which can be applied universally to military situations, i.e., infantry, armor, logistics, aviation, etc. It was gratifying to note from several of the presentations that due consideration has been given to terrain features that exert their effects on the entire spectrum of the military situation. Considering the complexities of nature, it is believed that the factor family concept constitutes the best technical approach for attaining project objectives even though it is recognized that new knowledge may re­ quire adjustments in the future. All phases of the MEGA project were under the direct supervision of Messrs. Joseph R. Compton, Embankment and Foundation Branch, and Warren E. Grabau, Area Evaluation Section, WES, and under the general supervision of Messrs. w. J. Turnbull and W. G. Shockley, Soils Division, WES. During the conduct of the phases of the project reported herein, Col. Alex G. Sutton, Jr., was Director of the Waterways Experiment Station, and Mr. J . B. Tiffany was Technical Director.
Description: Miscellaneous Paper
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