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Title: Mobility Performance of Selected 1-1/4- to 5-Ton Cargo Trucks in the HIMO West Germany Study Area (TACV excursion)
Authors: Randolph, Donald D.
Geotechnical Laboratory (U.S.)
Mobility and Environmental Systems Laboratory (U.S.)
Keywords: Vehicles, Military
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station
Series/Report no.: Miscellaneous Paper (U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station); no. M-78-9
Abstract: This study evaluates the mobility performance of 18 selected 1-1/4- to 5-ton cargo trucks in the HIMO West Germany Study Area. The Army Mobility Model (AMM) was used to obtain on-road and off-road mobility predictions in terms of speed profiles for each study vehicle for the dry, wet, and snow surface condition. The SWIMCRIT/WACROSS water-crossing model was used to obtain study vehicle performance crossing linear features.The HIMO methodology was used to establish mobility rating speeds for five levels of mobility (on-road, tactical support, tactical standard, tactical high, and high-high) in the West Germany HIMO study area. The study vehicles were compared with the standard military 2-1/2-ton cargo truck (M35A2, 6x6) and in terms of best vehicle. for each tactical mobility level. The vehicles' mobility was graphically portrayed in terms of a "cube" in order to compare the complete mobility of the study vehicles over all mobility levels. A method was then suggested for relating the performance of cargo vehicles in the tactical mobility levels to the mobility required for cargo vehicles operating in the brigade, division, and corps areas. Finally, a correction was suggested to indicate which of the study vehicles would contain the mobility required for the brigade, division, and corps operations. Appendix A gives the vehicle characteristics required for the AMM and SWIMCRIT/WACROSS water-crossing model; Appendix B gives the detailed mobility performance data; and Appendix C shows the computations required for determiningmthe vehicle rating speed for the tactical mobility levels.
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