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dc.contributor.authorSchreiner, Barton G.-
dc.contributor.authorSmith, Robert P.-
dc.contributor.authorGreen, Charles E.-
dc.contributor.authorMobility and Environmental Systems Laboratory (U.S.)-
dc.identifier.govdocTechnical Report M-70-5-
dc.descriptionTechnical Reporten_US
dc.description.abstractThe tests reported herein were requested and funded by the Department of the Navy, Naval Ship Systems Command. The tests were conducted during November 1969 at four sites in south Louisiana by personnel of the U. S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station (WES), Vehicle Studies Branch, under the general supervision of Messrs. W. G. Shockley and S. J. Knight, Chief and Assistant Chief, respectively, of the Mobility and Environmental Division, and A. A. Rula, Chief, Vehicle Studies Branch, and under the direct supervision of Mr. E. S. Rush, Chief, Soil-Vehicle Studies Section. Mr. B. G. Schreiner supervised the field testing. This report was written by Messrs. Schreiner, R. P. Smith, and C. E. Green. Acknowledgments are made to Mr. Dave Amick, Naval Ship Systems Command, and Mr. Walter Fales, Chrysler Corporation, Defense Engineering, for arranging logistical support and general guidance, and to Mr. J. Kasuboski, engineer, and Mr. J. Faught, operator/mechanic, both of Chrysler Corporation, who assisted materially toward a successf'ul field test program. Director of the WES during the program was COL Levi A. Brown, CE. Technical Director was Mr. Fred R. Brown.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipSponsored by Naval Ship Systems Command, Department of the Navyen_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsFOREWORD-v CONVERSION FACTORS, BRITISH TO METRIC UNITS OF MEASUREMENT- ix SUMMARY -xi PART I: INTRODUCTION -1 Background -1 Purpose-1 Scope-2 Previous Studies of Screw-Propelled Vehicles-2 Definitions-3 PART II: DESCRIPTION OF THE RUC-7 Craft Characteristics-8 Propulsion System-8 Test Personnel's Observations of RUC Performance-8 PART III: TEST PROGRAM-13 Selection, Location, and Description of Test Sites-13 Test Procedures and Data Collected-16 PART IV: ANALYSIS OF DATA-20 Trafficability Tests-20 Mobility Tests -30 Comparison of Terrain Types of Selected Mekong Delta Areas and Mobility Test Courses-33 Comparison of RUC and XM759 and M116 Performances-34 PART V: SUMMARY OF TEST RESULTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS-36 Summary of Test Results-36 Recommendations -38 LITERATURE CITED-40 TABLES 1-8 PLATES 1-7 APPENDIX A: COMPARISON OF SELECTED MEKONG DELTA AREA AND MOBILITY EST COURSE TERRAIN TYPES -A1 Background-A1 Terrain Factors -A3 Development of Analog Criterion -A7 Comparison of Terrain Types-A7 TABLE A1 APPENDIX B: SOIL PROFILE DESCRIPTIONS ALONG MOBILITY TEST COURSES- B1-
dc.format.extent97 pages / 27.02Mb-
dc.publisherU.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Stationen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTechnical Report (U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station);no. M-70-5-
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dc.subjectMotor vehicles, Amphibiousen_US
dc.titlePerformance of Riverine Utility Craft (RUC) in Riverine Environmentsen_US
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