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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983-11A mathematical method for inversion in atmospheric remote sensingMargerum, Eugene A.
1981-10A study of the human visual system in support of automated feature extractionRohde, Frederick W.
1979-09A weighted line-finding algorithmAbdoshah, K.; Klinger, A. (Allen), 1937-
1982-07An analysis of a relaxation scheme to improve terrain elevation dataCrombie, Michael A.; Shine, James A.
1982-01An analysis of the max-min texture measureCrombie, Michael A.; Rand, Robert S.; Friend, Nancy J.
1975-05An automated technique for measuring built-up urban areas from map graphics through analog image processingMurphy, Lawrence P.; Abbe, William W.
1987-09An empirical surface temperature modelKrusinger, Alan E.
1979-08An evaluation of conventional correlation methods when matching infrared imagery to panchromatic imageryCrombie, Michael A.
1981-01An evaluation of registering image gradients when matching infrared imagery to panchromatic imageryU.S. Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories. Computer Sciences Laboratory.; Crombie, Michael A.
1977-12An evaluation of the method of determining parallax from measured phase differencesU.S. Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories. Computer Sciences Laboratory.; Crombie, Michael A.; Rand, Robert S.
1983-02An extension of Kendall's concordance test where ties are allowedCrombie, Michael A.; Benson, Jean M.
1975-10Analog graphic processing for 3-D terrain displays, profiles, and elevation layer tintsMurphy, Lawrence P.; Trelinskie, Edward G.
1983-11Analysis of interactive image cleansing via raster-processing techniquesFriend, Nancy J.
1979-03Analysis, storage and retrieval of elevation data with applications to improve penetrationU.S. Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories. Computer Sciences Laboratory.; Klinger, A. (Allen), 1937-
1980-03Application of biorthogonal filter functions to pattern recognition and feature extractionMargerum, Eugene A.
1981-11Applying photogrammetry to real time collection of digital image dataCrombie, Michael A.; Baracat, William A.
1980-07Artifact removal in frequency domain compressed imageryPazak, Robert S.
1983-02Circumpolar method for determining azimuthDere, Donald P.; Cervarich, Peter J.
1982-04Classification of cartographic features through Walsh transformsChen, Pi-Fuay.; Rohde, Frederick W.; Seemuller, William W.
1986-10Classification of selected radar imagery patterns using a binary tree classifierFox, Neil D.