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dc.contributor.authorTaylor, Donald W. (Donald Wood)-
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dc.description.abstractThis paper presents a review of the main findings during a five year program of laboratory research on shearing characteristics of clays, conducted under the supervision of the writer in the Soil Mechanics Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, under contract between the Institute and the Waterways Experiment Station. It is prepared under Contract No. DA-22-079-eng-128, between the writer and the Waterways Experiment Station. The original contract was entered into on 16 March 1953, and supplemental Agreement No. 2, dated 7 December 1954, extended the contract period to February 1, 1955. The review is presented in three parts. Relationships between intergranular stresses and strains are presented in several forms and their significance is discussed. Brief reviews are given on the findings of a number of laboratory studies into factors that effect the shearing strengths of clays in nature. A sample stability analyses, based on new concepts developed in tho research program, is presented. The main contribution of the testing program is that the readings of pore pressure, obtained during shear tests in which no drainage is permitted, furnish important fundamental relationships between intergranular stresses and strains. The main practical contribution made possible by those data is the ability to express shearing strengths in terms of the intergranular stresses occurring at any time during the test. Within certain limitations, the portion of the test after any such time may be considered representative of shear in nature with the same starting, or "pre-shear", intergranular pressures. Thus strengths are expressed in terms of pre-shear intergranular pressures, which is considered to be the only truly pertinent pressure upon which such strength expressions can be based.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipMassachusetts Institute of Technology.en_US
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dc.subjectStrength of materialsen_US
dc.subjectShear strength of soilsen_US
dc.titleReview of research on shearing strength of clay : M.I.T., 1948-1953en_US
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