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dc.identifier.govdocERDC TR-18-3-
dc.descriptionTechnical Report-
dc.description.abstractDetermination of transport of engineered nanomaterials within the aquatic environment is an important area of study due to knowledge and capabilities gaps, leading to uncertainty. The lack of research in this area greatly encumbers accurate and timely risk assessment, regulatory decisions, and thus, technology advancement. The objective of this investigation is to demonstrate the capability of the Particle Tracking Model (PTM), currently parameterized for aquatic transport of sediment particulates, to predict the transport pathways of nanoparticles introduced into complex hydrodynamic flowfields. A hypothetical scenario was developed in which nano-TiO2 was introduced into the flowfield within an area near Cleveland Harbor as an instantaneous point source due to a weather event. Results show transport pathways are highly dependent on flow conditions as well as the amount of material introduced into the system. It is understood that this is the first stage of more accurate predictions of nanoparticle fate. Future efforts will focus on utilizing previously developed data and relationship to account for nanoparticle specific transport processes.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipEnvironmental Quality and Installations Research Program (U.S.)en_US
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dc.publisherCoastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S.)en_US
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dc.subjectFluid dynamicsen_US
dc.subjectPollution--Risk assessmenten_US
dc.titleModeling transport of nanoparticles : pilot studyen_US
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