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Title: Martin County, Florida, Shore Protection Project : General Design Memorandum with Environmental Assessment
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Jacksonville District.
Keywords: Environmental protection
Shore protection
Flood control
Martin County (Fla.)
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Jacksonville District.
Abstract: This report summarizes the detailed planning and engineering for construction of the shore protection project for Martin County, Florida. Details of the engineering investigations and design are contained in Appendix A. Benefit analysis are summarized in Appendix B. Real estate requirements for construction are summarized in Appendix C. Pertinent correspondence is presented in Appendix D. The project as authorized provides for a protective beach berm and storm dune 4.0 miles long at Hutchinson Island, Florida, with periodic nourishment of the restored beach and such adjacent shoreline as may be needed and justified for the life of the project. The recommended plan described within this report would modify the authorized project to provide for restoration of the beach and dune with periodic nourishment for about 3.75 miles of shoreline on Hutchinson Island. Initial restoration of the project shoreline would require 1,297,500 cubic yards of material. The borrow area for initial and future renourishments is located within a shoal area about 3,000 feet offshore of the southern project area. Also, the restored beach will require about 589,600 cubic yards of material every 11 years to maintain project dimensions. The estimated total first cost of the recommended project is $10,491,400, including additional monitoring and interest during construction. The annual cost, including interest and amortization of the first cost and periodic nourishment, is $1,142,000. Benefits generated by project construction include: $4,888,600 in storm damage reduction benefits, $83,200 for prevention of land loss, and $702,400 in incidental recreation benefits. The total annual benefits less the total annual costs equal the net benefits amounting to $4,532,200. The benefit to cost ratio is 5.0. The Federal share of the initial costs of construction is $4,970,300. The non-Federal share of the costs for initial construction is $5,521,200. The Federal share of each future periodic nourishment is 46.59 percent of applicable nourishment costs. The non-Federal share of the cost of each future nourishment is 53.41 percent. The final percentage of cost apportionment shall be based on law, policy and regulation, shore ownership and use at the time of construction or subsequent periodic nourishment.
Description: General Design Memorandum/Environmental Assessment
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