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Title: A method of analyzing geothermal data in permafrost
Authors: Nakaya, Ukichirō, 1900-1962
Keywords: Ground temperature
Earth temperature
Permafrost physics
Permafrost thermal cycles
Soil temperature
Mathematical analysis
Publisher: U.S. Army Snow, Ice, and Permafrost Research Establishment.
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Research report (U.S. Army Snow
Description: Research Report
Summary: The empirical formula of hyperbolic form developed by MacCarthy to obtain undisturbed or equilibrium temperatures from geothermal measurements in permafrost is criticized. The rate of cooling, after an initial period, is expressed as a function of the difference between the observed and undisturbed temperatures. Extrapolation of this formula to infinity is permissible and can be accomplished with suitable computing equipment. A method of successive approximation for calculating the equilibrium temperature without special devices is presented. The calculations are made on the assumption of constant permafrost temperature at a given location. Effects of any secular variation in the permafrost temperature are discussed.
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