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dc.contributorW.F. Weeks Sea Ice Symposium (1990 : San Francisco)-
dc.contributor.authorAckley, Stephen F.-
dc.contributor.authorWeeks, W. F.-
dc.descriptionCRREL Monograph-
dc.descriptionFrom the Preface: This proceedings volume results from the San Francisco meeting in December 1988 that we put together in celebration of Willy Weeks' career at CRREL. Someone told me this was a "Festschrift," a word I still can't pronounce or spell, never mind, define. The meeting nicely fit in with what have become regular sea ice sessions at the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, alternating with similar sessions at the AGU-ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting in the years when it is held. These meetings, including the Weeks Symposium, have been sponsored by the Snow, Ice and Permafrost Committee of AGU. I'd like to acknowledge Garry Clarke's role in making the Committee" All-Union," rather than having its home in one AGU section (Hydrology), thereby opening the door for sea ice work to be included in its mandate. The rest of the Committee has also been invaluable in supporting the concept that sea ice work should be a regular feature of AGU meetings under their sponsorship. Willy's retirement from CRREL's Snow and Ice Branch, to become Chief Scientist at the University of Alaska/NASA's Alaskan SAR Facility, marked the occasion to hold this symposium, as well as his being named a Fellow of AGU in 1988. This volume, consisting of 84 papers/abstracts by about 150 authors, is, in my opinion, a fairly astounding but fitting tribute to Willy's endeavors in sea ice research. Consider alone that the number of workers, when Willy began working in this field in the 1950s, was probably of the order of one-tenth the number represented in this volume. That nearly all these people can point to an encounter with Willy, either in person or in the literature, as having contributed to their knowledge or interest in the field, gives some notion of his impact.-
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dc.relation.ispartofseriesCRREL monograph ; 90-1.-
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dc.titleSea ice properties and processes : proceedings of the W.F. Weeks Sea Ice Symposium-
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