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Title: Environmental Assessment on Peck's Lake Staging Area Operations and Maintenance Activities, St. Lucie Inlet, Martin County, Florida
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Jacksonville District.
Keywords: Dredging
Dredging spoil
Saint Lucie Inlet (Fla.)
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Jacksonville District.
Abstract: Located in northeast Martin County, St. Lucie Inlet separates Hutchinson Island to the north and Jupiter Island to the south. Initially excavated by local interests in 1892 to provide access between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River, the inlet has been maintained as a federal navigation project since 1945. Efforts to stabilize the inlet through the construction of the north jetty during the late 1920s exacerbated erosion. The jetty began to trap sand moving south, thereby stabilizing the northern shoreline and causing shoreline recession south of the inlet. Additional structures, including a south jetty, offshore breakwater and sediment impoundment basin have been added over the years. However, due to interruption of long-shore sand transport between the barrier islands to the north and south of the inlet, erosion continues today. In 1995, the St. Lucie Inlet Management Plan (IMP) was adopted and called for corrective measures to mitigate the erosional impacts of the inlet which deprives the down-drift shoreline of, on average, 182,000 cubic yards of sand annually. The structural corrective measures identified in the IMP have been accomplished through cooperative partnership between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District (Corps), the State of Florida and Martin County, the local sponsor. Sand bypassing at the equivalent rate of 182,000 cubic yards annually, also called for by the IMP, continues under the St. Lucie Inlet Federal Navigation Project. Maintenance dredging and bypassing of beach quality sand is also accomplished through partnership between the Corps, the State and the local sponsor. As the inlet is maintained, opportunities for the placement of beach quality material on the down-drift beaches are identified. The Corps is proposing to dredge the entrance channel to the authorized depth of -16-feet deep plus 2-feet of allowable over-depth at mean lower low water (MLLW) and adjacent impoundment basin to -19-feet deep plus 2-feet of allowable over-depth. The dredged material would be placed on the beach from R-61 to R-67 as described in the June 2000 St. Lucie Inlet Navigation Improvements Environmental Assessment (EA). The objective of this project is to perform maintenance actions that would alleviate shoaling of the inlet’s entrance channel and impoundment basin.
Description: Environmental Assessment/Finding of No Significant Impact
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