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dc.description.abstractThe project is located in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida, at the United States Marine Corps Support Facility - Blount Island (MCSF-BI) located along the St. Johns River. Blount Island was created as a byproduct of USACE post-World War II dredging operations in the St. Johns River. The dredging operations created a new straight line channel (Dames Point-Fulton Cutoff) designed for larger merchant vessels; the dredged material from the operations was deposited on four marsh islands that together formed Blount Island. The MCSF-BI slipway is ten nautical miles west of the St. Johns River outlet, and houses five large vessel berths. The newly deepened slip will continue to be located on the southeast side of Blount Island along the Dames Point-Fulton Cutoff. The estimated dredging area is 2.4 million square feet with 775,000 cubic yards of material to be disposed. MCSF-BI has requested a permit to remove the concrete sill currently hampering their ability to fully load resupply vessels to their maximum available draft. Additionally, the permit request includes advance maintenance dredging of the slipway to a maximum depth of -47 feet MLLW; this would ensure that operations can be maintained in preparation of the anticipated redeployment of equipment from the Persian Gulf theatre of operations. The advance maintenance dredging may or may not require blasting to remove rock from the slip if it is detected during future geotechnical investigations. The location of the site is in an area prone to extensive silting. Historically, the slip has shallowed quickly, resulting in annual “emergency” maintenance dredging. This shoaling has had, and continues to have an adverse effect on the MCSF-BI mission.en_US
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dc.titleEnvironmental Assessment : Removal of Concrete Sill and Advance Maintenance Dredging of Marine Corps Spillway, U.S. Marine Corps Support Facility - Blount Island, Jacksonville, Duval County, Floridaen_US
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