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Title: Summary report : Biological Resources Program Development Task Area
Authors: Waring, Michael R.
Evans, Darrell E. (Darrell Edward), 1957-
Keywords: Conservation of natural resources--United States
Wildlife conservation--United States
Nature conservation--United States
Biodiversity conservation--United States
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.
Abstract: Objectives of the Legacy Biological Resources Task Area Study were to (a.) evaluate the capability of existing Department of Defense (DoD) resource management programs and (b.) address shortfalls by recommending modifications to existing programs. Interviews with natural resource management experts, literature reviews, surveys, and a workshop were used to gather data. The workshop addressed the management of biological resources on DoD lands. Major areas of discussion included the following: (a.) stewardship of natural resources, (b.) current policy and issues, (c.) the structure and organization of DoD natural resource programs, (d.) opportunities for interagency partnerships, and (e.) the future direction of natural resource management. Critical issues identified by workshop participants included the following: (a.) better command support for natural resource management programs at all levels, (b.) command commitment to policy accountability, (c.) current structure of DoD natural resource management programs, (d.) interagency cooperative agreements to supplement installation staffs, and (e.) the need for adequate staffing, funding, and professional grade levels. The survey identified the status of natural resource management on DoD facilities. Key issues were personnel qualifications, limitations, and needs; the type(s) of data collected on natural resources; data collection techniques; and resource management techniques. Common concerns included the lack of trained natural resource professionals and a lack of funding for resource inventories. Major recommendations included the following: (a.) increase funding at the installation level for natural resource inventories, (b.) improve inventory technology so that natural resource inventories are more integrated, (c.) increase natural resource staffs, and (d) elevate installation natural resources management to the directorate level, and combine resource management and compliance functions into a single, centralized natural resource element.
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