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Title: Environmental Assessment on FCCE Placement of Sand on Broward County Segment II, Broward County, Florida
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Jacksonville District
Keywords: Shore protection
Beach erosion
Broward County (Fla.)
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Jacksonville District.
Abstract: The goal of the project is to restore a section of Segment II of the Broward County Shore Protection Project to pre-Sandy and 2004/2005 hurricane conditions and ensure the beach serves to reduce storm induced impacts to infrastructure inland of the beach. The Jacksonville District proposes to reconstruct the full construction template with Flood Control and Coastal Emergency funds paying for the portion to restore the project to pre-storm conditions. The project will consist of the placement of no more than 150,000 cy along 5.08 miles from R-26 southward to R-53 and will follow a construction template consisting of a beach berm elevation of 10 feet above mean low water (MLW). All material will be placed above MHW. The proposed sand borrow source for the work has not been finalized, however up to four upland mines are being considered. The Corps is restricted from requiring contractors to purchase sand from specific mines; however, we are including a sand specification in our contracting bid package which requires the contractor’s sand to meet a certain set of criteria, consistent with the State of Florida sand rule for sand quality (FAC 62B-41.007(2)(j)). The intention is to truck haul this material to the project site. The fill material in the proposed borrow areas are compatible with the native beach material.
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