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Title: Identification and evaluation of coastal habitat evaluation methodologies
Authors: Bowen, Marcia.
Small, Mary.
Keywords: Aquatic habitats--Evaluation
Wetland ecology--Evaluation
Coastal ecology--Evaluation
Sublittoral ecology--Evaluation
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.
Series/Report no.: Technical Report;EL-92-21
Abstract: This study was undertaken to review existing methods for evaluating coastal habitats. A total of 15 methods presently in use or in development were examined and evaluated in terms of the type of information needed, the level of expertise and studies required, the amount of time and costs involved in the determination, and form of output. No single method was found that could be used on a nationwide basis for all coastal habitats. Most methods were specific to a single habitat or evaluated a narrow suite of functions. Development of method(s) to evaluate disparate coastal habitat types would provide an essential tool for measuring the success of mitigation efforts and the functioning of coastal ecosystems.
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